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2019 Year End Award Nomination Form

2017 Year End Points
(as of Oct 22, 2017)

2018 Nominated Horses
updated June 15, 2018)

Owner Last First Horse Name Reg # Date Foaled Gender Effective Date IAA Member
Beyer Jennifer Miss Smarty Jones 629455 2004 Mare 4-May-18 Yes
Butler Harland & Rosalyn Lena's Smart Jerry 669923 2011 Gelding 4-May-18 Yes
Crawford Myra & John Our Hip Hip Jorge 673557 2012 Gelding 12-Mar-18 Yes
Crawford Myra & John Sensational Award 593071 2000 Mare 12-Mar-18 Yes
Davis Zena ML Hot Investment N681036 2015 Gelding 5-May-18 Yes
France  Mary Lynn Hot Caped Hero 617288 2017 Stallion 4-May-18 Yes
Fuhrman Jennifer An Obsessive Dream 660787 2009 Gelding 4-May-18 Yes
Fuhrman Jennifer Smokin River Blus 680337 2011 Gelding 4-May-18 Yes
Goodale Jill Chocolatey Delight 682222 2014 Gelding 18-Nov-17 Yes
Goodale Jill DBHitsNothingButNet 682989 2017 Colt 18-Nov-17 Yes
Goodale Jill Naz Iz Blazin Hot N683072 2017 Colt 18-Nov-17 Yes
Goodale Jill Dan Dee Lopin Machine 680629 2016 Colt 18-Nov-17 Yes
Goodale Larry Justa Grand Dream 682991 2017 Mare 18-Nov-17 Yes
Goodale Larry Grand Red Ruby 670317 2012 Mare 18-Nov-17 Yes
Goodale Larry Sucha Looker 682917 2017 Mare 18-Nov-17 Yes
Halverson Jill Hubba Hubba Hotrod 676434 2014 Gelding 4-May-18 No
Hanson Gabe Hot In The Moonlite N681047 2015 Gelding 4-May-18 Yes
Hanson Gabe Cheers To Chocolatey 673391 2012 Mare 4-May-18 Yes
Hanson Gabe Lookngoodinthoselegs 680560 2014 Gelding 4-May-18 Yes
Hanson Gabe One Hot Celebrity 672667 2012 Gelding 4-May-18 Yes
Johannes Dennis Daisy Mae Duke 656220 2008 Mare 4-May-18 Yes
Johannes Mildred DelowayRomanStar 677983 2015 Mare 18-Nov-17 Yes
Johannes Mildred DelowayGrandStraw 682569 2017 Mare 18-Nov-17 Yes
Merrill Rebecca Understated 679146 2015 Gelding 4-May-18 Yes
Northway Luke Touched In A Goodbar 679481 2015 Mare 4-May-18 Yes
Pastour Jenna Loose Cannon 649002 2005 Gelding 4-May-18 Yes
Rebstock Sandy Spun By Dee Heart 659544 2008 Mare 4-May-18 Yes
Rebstock Sandy TheyCallMeTheBigChez 667780 2008 Gelding 4-May-18 Yes
Thygesen Amy Chillin It N674476 2013 Gelding 15-Apr-18 Yes
Wuchter Eric Centerfold Material 673051 2013 Mare 4-May-18 Yes
Wuchter Eric Got It All On The Line N682815 2017 Stallion 4-May-18 Yes

Questions or issues please contact the IAA Point Keeper:
Eric Wuchter

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